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Vittorio De Sica and Federico Fellini

Ingmar Bergman Discredits Fellow Filmmakers
On Orson Welles: For me he’s just a hoax.  It’s empty.  It’s not interesting.  It’s dead.  Citizen Kane, which I have a copy of, is all the critics’ darling, always at the top of every poll taken, but I think it’s a total bore.  Above all, the performances are worthless.  The amount of respect that movie’s got is absolutely unbelievable…I’ve never liked Welles as an actor, because he’s not really an actor.  In Hollywood you have two categories, you talk about actors and personalities.  Welles was an enormous personality, but when he plays Othello, everything goes down the drain, you see, that’s when he croaks.  In my eyes he’s an infinitely overrated filmmaker.
On Jean-Luc Godard: I’ve never gotten anything out of his movies.  They have felt constructed, faux intellectual and completely dead.  Cinematographically uninteresting and infinitely boring.  Godard is a fucking bore.  He’s made his films for the critics.  One of the movies, Masculin Fémenin, was shot here in Sweden.  It was mind-numbingly boring.
On Michelangelo Antonioni: He’s done two masterpieces, you don’t have to bother with the rest.  One is Blow-Up, which I’ve seen many times, and the other is La Notte, also a wonderful film, although that’s mostly because of the young Jeanne Moreau.  In my collection I have a copy of Il Grido and damn what a boring movie it is.  So devilishly sad, I mean.  You know, Antonioni never really learned the trade.  He concentrated on single images, never realizing that film is a rhythmic flow of images, a movement.  Sure, there are brilliant moments in his films.  But I don’t feel anything for L’Avventura, for example.  Only indifference.  I never understood why Antonioni was so incredibly applauded.  And I thought his muse Monica Vitti was a terrible actress…Fellini, Kurosawa, and Bunuel move in the same field as Tarkovsky.  Antonioni was on his way, but expired, suffocated by his own tediousness.


Daredevil: the artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen in a Yohji Yamamoto kilt.


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 ”On the set of the film The Mirror, Andrey Tarkovsky included himself in one scene, lying in a hospital bed and holding a tiny bird on his right hand. And this is what happened to him at the end of his life: in his sick-room in Paris, the room where he died, a little bird would fly every morning through the open window and come to light on him.” 
From the book “Instant Light - Tarkovsky Polaroids

Akira Kurosawa cutting
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