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raybolger: Some of the creations of one of the most fascinating and bizarre directors out there, David Lynch. I really tried to bring all the stuff he’s made on here(but I did leave out advertisements/interviews he’s done and stuff he’s made that I just couldn’t find the thing for), if I forgot any that you think should be on here, feel free to add links to the work and so on.Have a fun day at the movies!


moviesEraserhead | The Elephant Man | Dune | Blue Velvet | Wild at Heart | Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me | Lost Highway | The Straight Story | Mulholland Drive | Inland Empire
shortsSix Men Getting Sick (Six Times) | The Alphabet | The Grandmother | The Amputee | The Cowboy and the Frenchman | Industrial Symphony No. 1 | Premonitions Following an Evil Deed | Darkened Room | Rabbits | DumbLand | Bug Crawls | Boat | Absurda | Lady Blue Shanghai | Idem Paris
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O T H E R   W O R K S

albumsBlueBob | The Air Is on Fire | Crazy Clown Time | The Big Dream
booksCatching the Big Fish(PDF, audiobook)
productionsSurveillance | My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

JAMES ENSOR, Masks Confronting Death, 1888

"You didn’t see the genius of the musicians in Bird and 'Round Midnight. Not the way you saw it in Amadeus, much of a jerk as Mozart seemed to be. So I wanted to show a man who could make decisions, who had a family life, who wasn’t a drug addict or an alcoholic. And I wanted to show these guys practicing. Wynton Marsalis practices six hours a day. It’s not just a natural ability.”Spike Lee on his film Mo’ Better Blues

Anita Ekberg on the set of La dolce Vita, 1960

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